Sunday, May 17, 2009

a few new words

we've been noticing 'whee', 'wow' and 'you-okay?' lately. Esme is also doing more 'mini-sentence' babble like 'I see it - doggie, pretty doggie, Iggy doggie, uh uh doggie, owies! bad doggie' etc etc... 'I see it', 'I hear it' and 'you-okay', 'i get it', 'i did it' etc seem to count as one word each for her, as she says them as full phrases each time.

She's getting lots more ideas as well that she wants to share with us and plans she wants to do. She piles things up, sorts toys and will carry two separate things together in order to do something with them across the room. Mark and I often find ourselves just sitting back and watching her execute her plans shaking our heads and wondering how she came up with the idea to find a small box and put a rattle toy in it and then go bang it on something to make a bigger noise etc etc...

When she sees something she thinks is great, like her bath toys all piled up and waiting for her or a plate of food when she is hungry she'll happily stretch out the word 'WOW' just like I do.

Other words 'chee(wee-oh)' (cheerios), di-oh-saur (dinosaur), tigger, ball, shoes more clearly but not often, saying 'milk' more often and making the slurpy noise I make for drink. She's been saying 'all done' often for more than just being done with food, and sometimes she will add 'yea' on the end of something she wants like 'cheerios YEA' or 'All Done YEA' She is also running to the fridge each time she sees a sippy cup and pulling on the door hard and furiously wanting to help us with the next step to everything (and that extends to everything else too - cooking, brushing teeth, laundry, dishes - she knows what comes next and wants to help out)


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Obsidian Kitten said...

My niece is now 28 months (we've been here for nearly a year now) and I continue to be astonished at her use of words and sentence development.

It one of the most amazing things I've ever had the joy of watching and being a part of.

Go Esme!