Tuesday, May 26, 2009

18 month developments

(Pictures are from yesterday)
We don't let her have the pacifier outside her bed usually but she was very cranky that morning before seeing Grandma and Grandpa and I let her have it for a while.

Pretty shoes - please?
These are the sandals she calls 'pretty shoes' as compared to all her other shoes which are just shoes. She is also pointing to some of her clothes she thinks are pretty and asking me about them, but usually after she is already dressed in something else.

We got this toy box and a push-around vacuum toy when out at garage sales again. Esme likes them so much. She was out playing in the mud today and got it all over both arms, in her hair and down her back. I called her a little Mud Princess. She got a bath after that and had a discussion with me about the water getting in her ears when it was too deep. It was really interesting - she doesn't have the words yet but still made an effort to explain to me (with hilarious expressions) that when the water is deep it gets in her nose and mouth and ears and makes her worried - so she has to climb up on me - and wants some water to go 'bye bye' before she'll play again. We tried to learn more about hot and cold in the faucet too - which is why the water got deeper than usual. Every time we get out of the tub we pull the plug and tell the water 'bye bye.' Sometimes she goes into the bathroom just to lean over the bathtub and say 'bye bye?'

We took her to town on our post office run and grocery store today. We got her a whole chicken leg of her very own at the chicken place and she was remarkably good at eating it by herself. In the store she also told me that Daddy didn't come with us out of the electronics section and we should go back and get him. That was funny because again she didn't use a lot of clear words besides Daddy and looking and pointing but I understood exactly what she meant. She tried to eat a sticker off the bananas I let her hold - and had a tantrum because I told her 'no.' On the way home with all that chicken in her tummy she fell asleep and was asleep again within about fifteen minutes of getting in the house.

Other things she has done recently:
  • She learned to sign '1,2,3' on her fingers.
  • She is playing 'peekaboo' with her hands over her eyes and not just a blanket.
  • She is mimicing 'Achoo' if anyone sneezes and she thinks it's funny.
  • She puts things in cabinets/boxes/containers and closes them and then is super-excited it is still there when she looks again
  • She says 'owies ow ow ow' now everytime she stumbles or bumps into something and looks for sympathy
  • I ask her 'you okay?' and she answers with a nod or crying
  • She is almost nodding her head 'yes' at other questions, but isn't quite sure yet
  • Using 'uh uh uh' to tell the animals not to do things
  • She will look through cracks and mesh nets in see-through cloth and tell me 'I see you'
  • Getting the concept of her 9 piece puzzle more but still unable to put more than one piece in the right place

I'll post more as I remember it...

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