Friday, May 15, 2009

rummage sales

We took Esme out to rummage sales today. She grabbed a pair of Fisher Price roller skates from a box of toys. I thought at first they would be 'too old' for her - as in she would need to grow into them. However, then I remembered that there were often times I thought back to items I wish I would have bought and saved for later. When we got home she wanted to put them on her feet. When we did put them on her she cried and screamed to have them back off, but is happy to vroom them around like a car.

We also found a Tigger doll and a few other random toys for later. We bought Esme a shake and some chicken which she ate and drank like a big girl in her car seat. I was quite impressed with her eating skills. She fell asleep halfway home with a french fry still sticking out of her mouth. I wish we could have gotten a picture of it!

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mrspao said...

Aww - I love rummage sales. I can imagine Esme with her french fry :)