Monday, October 24, 2005

The Monks Move In... (sort of)


I got through all the decreasing on the hat and it looked good! However, it didn't fit! It was stretchy, but not long enough. That pattern I looked at was right when it said at least 10.5 inches. I cast back on to the bottom of the hat with dpns to 'save' it -- and it looks like it is going to work. Now I have to find a stretchy bind-off method that will work for me.

The two bookcases got put up, and filled up, last night.
We have a 'mild to moderate' case of book collection.
It will take at least four more of the large bookshelves, and probably two of the shorter ones before all of our books are unpacked. Finding the stuff that ended up WITH the books has been the real progress.

I washed some blankets and sweaters from one of the boxes and our 62 degree house now feels liveable! The cats however, disagree. They were curled together into a tight ball this morning when we woke up. It was actually really sweet.

They also met their tiny brothers and sister today... Sally decided the kittens were prey. She had to be scolded many times. Willow thought these creatures were acceptable, as long as they didn't sniff her feet. But of course they were kittens and they did.

Right now Sally is curled up on the blanket I put on the table. Willow, however, is curled up UNDERNEATH the blanket that is on my chair. I am sitting on the front edge of the chair and she is behind me.

I have some sewing to do tonight, and J is leaving for a daytrip tomorrow. I hope to start on the dishcloth pattern and 'yarn over' as soon as this hat is finished. I apologize for the lack of knitting photographs! We borrowed our boss' digital camera to take the kitten pictures but I haven't developed knitting pictures onto a CD yet. Will try to make that a priority soon and post a big update.

Until then - my amateur doodles will have to do.

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