Friday, October 21, 2005

Knitting Weather

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It's supposed to get cold this weekend! Maybe you can't tell, but I'm happy!

At least... I am now, before it actually happens ;o) The weather forecast for Sunday is a low of 35. Time for wool socks, my shawl, gloves, scarves and hats! And time for knitting! This is what a 100-degree-plus summer does to a girl from Minnesota! 8+}

I was painting boards in the office garage and really enjoying the 55 degree weather. A cup of coffee and a cotton sweater and I was happy. (Did I mention I LOVE coffee?, don't get me started... fresh dried peppermint and french roast coffee with a little bit of cream in it...)

Got to the middle of the second sock. I guess the rest will be tomorrow. Then I have to decide if I will mail them off next week or make something else to go with them. I rescued my other pair of dpns from an abandoned project... I can knit a teddy from 'Knitting for Baby', or try the booties.

I have a book coming in the mail - 'The Good Life', by Helen Nearing [Link]. It is a book about homesteading and living by your own means. This works in with the sheep and woolworks we want down the road. I still have to get myself spinning!

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