Sunday, June 14, 2020


The purslane and basil are starting to come up in the garden.  The butterfly weed and onion bloomed even more today, as well as the orange gladiolus.  Mark hung the hammock, and Esme and I dismantled the old chicken tractor pen and repurposed the materials as a bed for climbing plants by the side of the house.

 This is an example of what is coming out of the garden at the moment

I had a Zoom meeting, did some knitting, watched Young Einstein that Mark had rec'd (recommended) and he is watching Dark City, which is one I really 'like', not for the first 95% of it but for the last 5. where it affirms the 'life is what you make of it' and what you do with the power and abilities you are given.  At the end the man could have crushed the world with a thought, had anything he ever dreamed he wanted in the world - but he really wanted the same thing, the place that was beautiful - that wasn't real but had such -gripping- elements that everyone wanted to remember it and see it and couldn't... and he wanted a little bit of real human contact, deeper than memory, deeper than society or names or jobs.. something they had felt that was still there - because she asks him to come along without knowing him at all anymore, there is still something there, and there is a punch in that.  The only guy I feel bad for is the one who did the hard work and digging along with them, questioned everything and then ended up out in Space - his last vision that of the messed-up world from the Outside, but never getting to see what could be once the Dreamer takes control of the Dream.

wax poetic.. but that is what I do sometimes.

Esme and I have played with her new soccer ball.  She is signed up for a virtual 4H camp.  I would like to enlist her to help me clean up the yard a bit more tomorrow and maybe put the dirt in the bed we made, and decide what to do.  She is doing some virtual animation stuff with her Minecraft friends - it's pretty cool, music video stuff with digitally-drawn animations frame by frame.  I really like the expressions the animals are drawn with, the 'facepalms' and annoyed eyes etc.. and they are attempting to move the mouths along with the words to the music, too.

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