Friday, June 12, 2020

a perennial that we added to the pole garden
 Mexican butterfly weed.  I thought this did not take at all when I planted it two or three years ago.  Today, I find it about to bloom, in the exact spot I planted it - but now I had let the mint and lemon balm sort of edge over there because 'nothing would grow there'... I'm glad I was wrong!

 The raised bed is growing mustard, arugula, kohlrabi, strawberries, peppers, purslane and lemon basil.  The lemon basil has kind of escaped, like the lemon balm, all over the garden.  I let it be in some places, snap it up and use it in my food in other places.  In the raised bed the lemon basil and the purslane have reseeded themselves two years in a row now... it's great!

The row of black pots was not growing much - only two had things in them that were productive, and they were both tideovers from last year.  So, I made yet ANOTHER raised bed.  I haven't filled it up yet with the proper dirt, need to decide what to plant in it, too.  This is the section of the garden that was accidentally salted years ago when we scooped dirt up from underneath our porch - which had icemelter salt in it... and nothing has really grown well there ever since.  The new bed there in front has bush beans planted in it.. and I can see they have expanded some with moisture just under the surface, but they have not begun to root yet.

 with the pots full of clay dirt that never held enough water to grow things

the flower on an onion that had overwintered in the shade graden is starting to pop bit by tiny bit

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