Sunday, May 31, 2020


Thirty days have September, April May and November, all the rest have thirty-one, except February, which has 28 and sometimes 29.

That is the way I learned it.  That is the way I wrote it on Esme's wall when we did homeschool.

But apparently it's June.  June has 30 days.  May has 31.
In this slipped timeline.. it seems. When did I dimension shift?
If you had asked me this morning I would have said June had 31 days and May 30.  Really.  And it is written there on the wall.  I'm a little flabbergasted.  How could that have been there for five years and none of us have caught it?  Or did May really have 30 days until just very recently?  //weird//


Anyway, besides that craziness.
We went to the Homestead and bought some plants, and a pretty needle-felted wool bird Esme liked.  I bought a sedum plant for outdoors and Mark bought a begonia to keep our other one company in the bathroom.  But it is so hard to dig a hole in the floor - it's concrete (and that, badabum was a joke, the other part was not.. I really did think May had 30 days)... that we have decided to put it in a hanger like the other one.

I had a nice video chat with the British (founder is based in UK, but lots of members aren't) mom's group I joined back when Esme was a baby.  My microphone did not work, but Mark might be able to help me out with that this week.

I made chicken rice and chicken egg rolls for Esme for lunch, and then went out in the garden and planted morning glory, moonflower, hopi string bean and nasturtiums.  I weeded a lot.

Then I went up to take the mail to the mailbox and a short walk with Daphne dog.  Then, I saw the wild roses on the side of the road.  Maybe another evidence of the 'dimension shift' (ha) I've been down that road many times in the past fifteen years and today I happen to see wild pink roses blooming on the side of the road.  Esme and I went back up and 'caught a shrubbery' as Mark said - a little bit of the patch to take home and see if it will take root.  They are very fragrant, slightly pink and odd that they don't show their centers - fold in a little on themselves but are single-petal.  And the entire mass of bush up there was about four inches high and spreading by runners.

Good day, ruin mail tomorrow.  I'd better get to bed.  It's June first tomorrow.  And I've heard that June 21st is on a Sunday this year, so maybe I'll get to see the sunrise that morning like I usually do.

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