Saturday, May 30, 2020

a bit

 Lilies in the pole garden.  I need to plant the morning glories and see if they will grow, and the nasturtiums, as well.

I ordered Cook's Illustrated magazine on a discount site a few months ago, to begin in June.  The first issue arrived and it is wonderful!  I never really knew what was in vindaloo, and now I am quite interested.  It also had some great articles about steam frying and making yeast doughnuts.

Watching Babylon 5 and Seaquest DSV.
I have one week left on the daily mail route, getting a break starting on the 8th. 

I have tomorrow off to work in the garden a little, get some sun, and rest up for that last running week.  I had also taken some photographs of the area in Trezevant I want to try painting again, pictures of the golden wheat fields that were not in the Google Maps pictures.

Ordered a shampoo bar that was highly recommended online, too - jojoba and coconut oil. 

Mark made eggs and sausage tonight and I added tobasco sauce and green olives.  Minerva had stars in her eyes as she begged me for some - and she ate everything, olives and all.  Sweetie spit the olives out and stared at them on the floor like 'what was that?'  Then Minerva ate Sweetie's olives, too.

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