Monday, May 25, 2020

 a toad at my front door

 The 'Five Glyphs' from the poem The Turning of the June posted on this site yesterday.  I went back and got a photo.  The hawk was still there, but she would not let me photograph her - flew off screeching into the deep woods (below), and did not come back.

 The sunlight was illuminating the backsides of the trees - I cannot capture with the camera what it feels like to be shone through thousands of shadows of leaves the particles of light shimmering in the moving air... all with the dew of morning.  I see light and air currents differently than many - I have deduced over the course of my lifetime. It is like prismatic, but green.

The lespedeza and the feathery seeds of the grasses

Walking in the beauty with Daphne, as the sun rises

Even the red grasses are singing with the light, in their different way.  I love the interplay of the red and the soft mossy sage green, each reflecting differently and shining with the water differently, as well.

 The golden caught so beautifully here

and the very soft feather edges of this grass made me bend down and take a look.  It is wispy and thread-like

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