Sunday, June 30, 2019

Summer Camp, glittery yarn and Welsh

Been a bit... Esme went off to summer camp for a week, and returned sunburnt and with better swimming knowledge.  I've been playing with some glittery yarns - three to be exact.  I finished a round pillow for the 'lolfa'... and am working some glittery blue yarn into our 'Creeper' blanket.. and then I have two balls of 'shawl in a ball' glittery mocha colored yarn that I haven't decided what to do with, yet.

The 'Creeper' blanket (in progress)

 Clustog crwn gyfer y lolfa (round pillow for the lounge)

Out in the garden the tiger lilies are just starting to bloom.
We have a few pumpkins on the vine, too.

I made a milestone - opened up the Welsh book I had ordered last year and turned to the first page, and this time (not last time) I could read all but three words without having to look anything up.  I was pretty amazed.  I've made some progress.  I've also subscribed to four Welsh podcasts on my phone to listen to as they become new episodes available.  I can understand quite a bit of what I'm hearing.. not all, but I'm picking up new words out of them as important ones that I look up later.. 'anffordus', 'wreddiol' etc.  I've also almost got to the end of SSIW level one and am now hearing some of those new words in the things I am listening to, as well.

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