Thursday, June 20, 2019

AlphaAgriculture Minecraft Mod

We've finally posted it for download and playtest! Esme (who is eleven) has been working on this with me since the beginning of the year, at least.  We're proud to put it out there now for others to look over and have fun with!

This mod is designed to be used with Vanilla Minecraft, not requiring any other mods to make it work.  It adds lots of new plants (which are farmable), biomes and resources.  Everything in the game is makeable in Survival Mode and on Peaceful.  Although, of course, you can use other mods, creative and monsters-on with all of it.

You can survive and build a big farm of food.  You can collect honeycombs from the wild and build yourself a thriving honey system.  You can milk cows and make cheese and cream.

All of the 'classic' southern farming crops are here - cotton, corn, peanuts, soybeans and rice.  Esme got to use her knowledge of the 'cotton gin' and threshers for the plant processing.

And because Esme suggested it, you can recycle the plant and tree fibers to make more cloth, mats, ropes and clothing!  There are new dyes and foods including marshmallows.

There is also a new chemistry system for making fertilizers (bone meal) and gunpowder from newly mined ores, instead of having to kill skeletons and creepers.  Leads can be made with cotton or jute grown and then processed. 

And we wanted the world to be interesting.  We loved 'Plenty of Biomes', but didn't want to have to include any other mod in ours to make the world fun to explore.  We added a lot of extra biomes, wood types, things to harvest and discover.  I made it a goal to make any of the woods biomes 'liveable', meaning you can make tools, minecraft tables and chests out of them.

We added fifteen new biomes in all.
Here are just that you might find:

Magic forest highland, where no monsters ever spawn

Merania ocean glass biome and Highland pines

Cherrywoods, Maple forest and Greywood swamp biomes

Come play :) and enjoy
Note : Yes, there are a few bugs, especially with the seeds.. but it seems to be par for the course with the editor we are using... but overall, this is a lot of fun!

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