Wednesday, June 05, 2019

y lolfa

Roeddwn wedi bod yn addurno yn y lolfa. Cadeiriau newydd, lamp, desg a blancedi. Fe wnes i gobennydd crwn mawr ar gyfer y gadair. Roedd ni yn mwynhau'r pethau cyfforddus newydd

 I have been decorating in the lounge. New chairs, lamp, desk and blankets. I'm making a big round pillow for the chair. We are enjoying the new comfortable things.


We have more changes to make, remove some of the countertop, add bookshelves in its place.  That will push the room back another foot, opening it up.  I spend a fair amount of time now at the desk, waiting for food to cook, writing, reading...  I found the blanket box/footstool yesterday on clearance and am hoping it will be a useful thing. 

I am hoping we will keep the countertop area for the cats, and maybe put a big cupboard above (and maybe also below) that area for storing the things we do on open shelving there now.. keep dust off it, and keep it in reach but out of sight.  Then we can remove the rest of the countertop and open that space up.. but keep the desk area and the lounge area a bit separate that way.  We're still deciding on that - and once we have a firm plan, then we'll actually start doing more.  

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