Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Great Snoring Rabbits

Great Snoring Rabbits in rowboats being rowed by robots.

Just a little joke I told Esme the other morning when she asked why I was 'happy' to be awake at five am.  I'm not happy to be awake so early, but its a little harder to go right back to sleep once you think of something silly :)

I've got to do my Welsh practice now and get some sleep!  It's been a long week already.  I have Friday off, and that is an anniversary I will light a candle for my Mom.

Bought some new elephant ears for the yard to plant when it warms up.  We've thought about taking the chicken house out of its yard and turning that yard into a garden this year, since the chickens are done... Gennet is running wild and eating out of the goat's food, and she doesn't lay eggs anymore... all of the rest of the chickens are gone but she is too wily so far and somehow has lived through the deep freezes we have had and whatever predators were out there that got Wicket and the others inside the yard.

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