Sunday, February 04, 2018


Cleaned some of the house, we haven't seen the top of the pool table in years.  It was such a bright sunny day I could see so well downstairs  and there were a couple of things that were really needing a scrub.  I am wondering about a painting for a unused surface downstairs, something magnetic that we can change up when we want.  That would be cool.

The girls had a playdate, and even played outside some.  Took Grandma out to town for groceries.  Also finally printed the picture for Esme's fourth grade slot in her 'memories' book.  She had pointed out to me about a month ago that I hadn't done that this year yet.  I keep the book right out in the open on my dresser like a photo frame.

Got a clearance necklace chain that I intend to use on the little green elephant charm I've ordered.

The Jade Elephant
I'm unclear when my grandmother gave this necklace to me, as she had passed away by the time I was five or so.  However, I distinctly remember the little jade elephant, and the knowledge it was mine from her.  It was smaller than the Mercury Dime necklace (another I had from her, but no longer do, either) and the stone was smooth and polished.  The elephant had its little trunk up, round lumps for ears and tiny little tusks, but the rest of it was all smooth and only vaguely animal shaped. It hung by a little gold ring on a thin gold chain.  I was told it was for good luck, and that I should always keep it.

Of course, over the years between childhood and now, it isn't with me anymore.  But the other night I had a dream of standing in a Hall of Wonders full of so many miraculous and rich and obscure things.  There was even a tiny county fair model with a Ferris Wheel and a merry-go-round all made in bright shiny copper and wire, that moved when wound with a music box key.  I could take one item out with me but it was all so extravagant I just couldn't choose and didn't feel it was really 'valid' that I take anything at all.

I was mulling this over and then I saw a little display of green elephant charms and necklaces and I suddenly remembered the elephant necklace my grandmother had given me and all the times as a child holding on to the charm and stroking the little figure and stowing it carefully away.  And I didn't know where it was at all anymore.  And I was just a little sad, because of the memories of holding it up and letting it dance along the chain and the feel of it like yesterday in my fingertips.  I took that memory out of the dream.

I told Mark and Esme about the dream, and then went looking for a charm like that to order, not too expensive, not needing to be real jade - just green and looking like the figure of that elephant.  I found one and it will be here sometime this month...

-other bits-
Almost everything I make for myself lately is hot or spicy.  Jalapeno burritos, wasabi, cayenne pepper in my guacamole, hot jalapeno corn chips, sriracha tuna salad... I really enjoy the spicy food although I know no one else does!  I don't really like the tabasco sauce, though... it tastes like someone did something very bad to a good green olive.

I'm reading a book 'What Alice Forgot', about a lady in Australia who falls and hits her head and wakes up having forgotten the last ten years, but the world has changed and she has three children she doesn't remember and a stressful soccer mom life - the kind of person she always dreaded ever becoming.. I'm about a third of the way through.

This Friday is the time to light a candle for my mom - lilac scented, as that reminds me of her and what she liked.  It will have been five years?  I think so.  I usually tell Esme and Mark before I light it and then let it stay lit for an hour.

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