Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rhai Geiriau yn Gymraeg / Some words in Welsh

A little musing type drawing last night in my sketchbook.  I was not going for 'artistic' at all.. but trying to see how much I could remember and work into the sketch.  I see I spelled 'rabbit' wrong in the drawing.  I spelled bell as 'cloch' which I am sure it is in my lessons - but it says 'gloch' in the dictionary/

Bore da! / Good morning
Croeso! / Welcome
smygu / smoke
pili pala / butterfly
aderyn / bird
Mae hi'n haelog a braf / It is sunny and fine
iar / hen
Triongal a sgwar fenestr / Triangle and square window
Cylch fenestr / circle window
Ci / dog
Dw'in adre! / I'm home
Wal / wall
llawr / floor
porffor / purple house
gardd / garden
cath / cat
dafad / sheep
dw'in mynd am a dro / I'll go for a while (used like 'I'll go for a walk)
pêl / ball
mêl / honey
llaeth / milk
pys / peas
caws / cheese
pysgoden / fish
cwiningen / rabbit
prynu moron / buying carrots
llygoden / mouse
bwch / cow
gloch / bell
nos da / good night!
hwyl am a tro / goodbye for a while (I'll see you later)

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