Saturday, January 06, 2018


Mark has been down for the past week - but we haven't thought of that as flu, more like a cold.  Esme threw up tonight after not being hungry nearly all day.. which is unlike her.  I gave her some of the honey tea I make in a small amount and we have bundled her up next to our bed on the bean bag chair.  Honey, green tea, orange juice and ginger powder and a tiny bit of spiced rum (less than a teaspoon to a cup and a half).  And I gave her a few tablespoons of that and a cup of water to sip on and will give her some more of the tea later...

She slept about six hours during the night.. more now, she's not burning up and she has been drinking.  She threw up until about 3 am... asked for some applesauce .  I've got to go check her in a few more minutes, having her sleeping beside our bed we were able to check on her all night, which was good.

I made myself a hot curry last night because the smell of what she had thrown up was demanding something spicy to counteract it... 

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