Friday, January 12, 2018


Well, we had flu for several days, each.. in succession.  We're mostly better, although my stomach still doesn't want to eat just anything... it is very picky.  It snowed today, and it will likely keep me from getting to work for several days.  I worry about that -  but can't do much abut it.  It was so nice to have several days of warm and now so cold and dark again....  From the reports we got something like six or seven inches.

There were pretty birds in the cedar tree today - we couldn't' really decide what they were.  I finally concluded they were probably robins.  They looked like robins, with yellow bills and feet, but very fluffy and with darker black on their backs than brown - some sort of towhee was possible.. but they have black beaks and don't like to cling to and eat the berries from cedar trees as much as robins do.

Esme is holed up in her room staying warm and watching her tablet.  She played outside a few times but never quite got the sled to do what she wanted.

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