Thursday, January 04, 2018


They released my brother with anti-seizure medication... he is supposed to be home in Minnesota by now.  Esme started back to school, it has been ten degree days at most at the bus stop... 20 or so high for the day.  Mark is getting sick with something.. he's fighting it, but it has had him sweating a lot with a low fever.  Still trying to keep things up at work... the cold has caused so many burst pipes and other problems that we are running out of things, like usual this time of year.  Freckle dog was down for a few days.. she seems a bit better now.

I read 'The Light we Lost' before the new year started.  It was good, but a tearjerker.  I read 'The World Walker' book one, and it was good, funny and very flowing.  I read 'In a Dark Dark Wood' also before the new year.. slightly predictable, weird to the point of almost tanking it once.. but it resolved as expected.

Restarting with the Welsh lessons.. it's good to take a break and then see how much I truly remember.
Bresych... cabbages, those were hard to remember *heh*

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