Sunday, November 26, 2017

right on through to the other side

Well Black Friday came and went, and we survived.  It wasn't half as bad as some years for craziness, yet the store made the number they asked for.  So, all is good.  No Christmas bonuses, this year, though, although that was decided before Black Friday. I think I've done about half the shopping I intend to do for the year, although we still need to knock the dust off the decorations.  I have Monday and Tuesday off this week, so maybe I'll spruce it up then.

Started back on my math account on Khan... picked right up with the complicated stuff but then couldn't add three and three to save my life at the same time... so tough to remember everything when you're looking at functions.  *ha*.

I think I turn to something like that to take my mind off of the big picture things like the holidays.  I know there are lots of things adding up to it, and that I'm already too busy so I really don't need to write a novel or do algebra on top of it all, but for some reason, it helps.  I've picked up my Welsh again after about a month hiatus, and sometimes I even do a French lesson or two.  I found the Welsh extremely easy to pick up except for some of the really long words (but they grew back on me) like gerdderaieth (music) or digwyddiad (event).  The French came back with only the gender of non-personal nouns (like bear, or apple) being the sticking point.

Esme and I made another Minecraft world with a shared house and then I was terrible and spent four 'nights' in a tiny house far away to get special tree saplings.  She kept asking me (in the game) when I was 'coming home'.  It felt awful.. like I was off at 'work' and just wasn't coming home - but now our house has exotic fruit tree saplings AND there is a a safehouse from monsters (oh yes, we were playing with monsters on) for when the sun goes down and you're too far from the original house.

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