Monday, November 27, 2017

bits of a Monday

 This is the purple hair dye.. it is red in the light and purple in the shadows.. and I didn't get it all the way worked to the ends in back so it has a two-tone effect.  It's not bad.. and it looks very different up than down.. so I'll keep this for a while and see how I like it.  I was connecting my 'math phase' with purple hair so I finally went through and did it.

Mark took the pictures for me out in the sunlight.
Esme had said it looked purple out in the sun at the bus stop this morning.
He also caught one of Daphne, our white dog, outside in the leaves being very cute at us.

We have some things to do in town.. I might need to look for a different shade of lipstick.  The one I have at work is a rose which will probably be okay but the only one I have at home now has too much orange in it.  We will have to look at a few other gifts and after she gets home Esme said she would help me clean up and put away the hamster's cage (since she died last week) and get that area ready for a Christmas display and to put the gifts there.

I also have new projects to think about, besides the mural at work.  I should knit some new dishcloths and make more patchwork placemats as ours have been put to use elsewhere and I missed having them at Thanksgiving.

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