Sunday, November 12, 2017


Our little hamster died today - she had a good life and was already a mother to a half-grown hamster that we knew of before we had her...  Put the straw out in the chicken yard and gave some to to the goat for winter preparedness, as well.  Other than that, it was cold and we just sat at home and played games and read books.   I have another time traveller series I'm reading and the Harvestcraft mod on Minecraft has kept me occuppied.

I was thinking about some of the historical breeds I might want to plant in the garden next year.  We've talked a bit about expanding the chicken yard and changing things around as to what is garden and what is not.

I took one of those aptitude tests and it said I should be a plant or soil scientist, or a nano systems engineer, or a biologist, or a creative writer.  Another one said I should be an electrician or an electrical engineer or an oil rig operator.  Ha.  I would like to do more with horticulture - there are things I could really let my brain go wild on if there wasn't so much else to do already.  In honor of that I bought another houseplant and started looking at seed catalogs for gardening season.

We saw that one of Esme's teeth is being blocked by her baby tooth that has a filling in it, and is trying to erupt through the gum instead.  We worried about that when they insisted on those fillings.  If that baby tooth does not come out in the week we need to schedule her a dentist appointment to see if they can fix it.

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