Wednesday, May 11, 2016


She had an utter failure this morning to cooperate at her dental cleaning. She was bawling and screaming at every attempt to touch her, open her mouth, look inside or even spray water.  The lady couldn't even do one thing that she needed to get done.  I was really stressed out as well, nothing worked and the entire hour went by with no progress.  So, now we have an exam at the pediatric surgeon's office in Jackson for Monday.  And she is frightened to death of that, too... 

12.30    - TCAP MAth test (all)
    - 50/55, 90%
2p    - video: Life in the Undergrowth ep 3
3p    - break

3.45    - video: Lewis and Clark pt 4
4.45    - writing: two pages about School of Dragons - 68/100 on scoring +5 bonus points for spelling =73 (infested, gronckle, zippleback, explored, volcano)

(50 points for writing 2 full pages, using punctuation and capitalization in general throughout... then , 2 points off for each spelling error, missed capitalization and for incomplete or run-on sentences.  +1 point back for each difficult word attempted correctly, whether she asked for help spelling it, looked it up or spelled it herself.)

6p    - done

I sent out her writing from March and got back a critique that it wasn't passing for third grade, but that it was equivalent for the end of second grade.  We will have to keep working on it.

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