Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I'm worried about my dad being in the hospital - haven't heard much from them.  I sent them a text but didn't get anything back so maybe it didn't go through.  Will try again on FB.

Esme had her pediatric dental exam at the big office in Jackson yesterday - it went better than I was thinking it would.  She is scheduled to go back in June for the actual treatment.  We bought a new easel at the store there, some more pastels and a sketchbook.  When we got home several boxes turned into a dollhouse for birds.

Esme with several of Minion's kittens.  They are exploring the world.  We watched National Treasure 2, a documentary about the Antiktherion mechanism and Cracking the Maya Code since school officially ended... and now Esme is reading a book from the library.  We've started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for night reading but it is slow going.  I'm trying to get over a sinus crud and the weather just keeps fluctuating.

We have a playdate set up for this weekend... not much else to report.

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