Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Monday Tuesday


10a    - Library
10.30    - stores, comparison shopping etc
11a    - butcher shop: why you can't rebuild a cow
11.15    - break

12    - Half Magic chp 4
1.15    - CC Math Workbook
1.30    - Writing: 5 sentences about "Tangled" movie
2p    - Minecraft
4p    - done


9a    - Half Magic chp 5
10a    - CC Math Workbook
10.30    - Minecraft
11.30    - PE: stationary cycle
11.45    - break

4.15    - vocabulary words / writing definitions  ascend, coax, essential, distress  (reading 40 more words (4th grade list), 9 of which she mispronounced on first run.. not bad).
4.45    - PE: 3x 500ft laps
5    - cooking: Garlic Bread
5.15    - Video: Life in the Undergrowth ep 1
//Another good Attenborough special on insects and invertebrates... where they live, how they evolved, how they mate and rear young.
6p    - done

//Monday Daddy took Esme to the library while I went to work.  When they came to get me after work I had such a headache it was after midnight before I really recovered enough to think about anything other than pizza, shower and sleep.  Mark helped me make the pizza, as I was dropping things and generally unsafe in the kitchen.  (a pounding head does that).  But the pizza was really good, and I almost felt human afterwards... the bath helped some more, and finally sleep knocked it out.

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