Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday test week

9.15    - CC Math workbook
9:30     - Felicity book : Changes for Felicity ch 1-3
10.30    - reading: A Good Day's Fishing, Too Many Tamales (she wanted to read it again)
11    - TCAP Science test (all)
    - 66/69, 96%
12.15    - break

1.15    - test review; writing 2 pages about School of Dragons 75/100 (68, +7)
4pm   - done

I discussed with her she will have to do more writing with me this summer to keep in practice.  We have still been discussing whether to try to get her to start fourth grade this next year (if that is even possible with this school system) or to simply accept they will put her into third grade if she returns this year.

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