Friday, May 06, 2016

Let's Take School to the Park Friday

9:30 - packing snacks
9:45 - vocabulary words and dictionary work
10:00a - break
10:30a - park, reading, baseball, kids
12:30 - library
1:00p - break

3:00p - store
3:30 - break
3:45p - math workbook
4:00p - done

// We are going to see the Jungle Book tonight... hopefully.  I didn't prebuy tickets.  It is in 3D

We did get tickets, and Esme really enjoyed the movie.  The 3D almost worked right for me, too - (I have mismatched near sighted and far-sighted eyes) nothing was double vision but some of the distances didn't jive up with other things in the picture... nothing too annoying.  It was a pretty good adaptation, too.  After the movie Esme was starting to get cranky... it got worse after a vending machine ate her quarter... and the ice cream machine was being cleaned...and suddenly the entire world was dramatically against her, stomping, frowning  etc... we had some discussion about that and she turned herself around and started discussing the movie again on the way home, went to bed just fine etc...

It was her first 'box office' film.  I put the ticket stubs in tape to laminate them and put them in her second grade memory book.  Weekend off for her, on for me - I have to work.

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