Monday, November 19, 2012

Out Collecting gourds and further garden cleanup


Planting items that may withstand the frost to come 

Our long-haired monster is playing dirt. 

Washing hands in cold cold water after playing in mud 

Collecting gourds before we mow down the rest of the garden 

They are like music in them! 

This is for smacking? 

On second thought, give that back. 
All done, putting the gate back up after mowing
Shadows and sun setting 

Sun is beginning to set over our little place here
We did let her take some of the dry gourds to a stump and smack the seeds out of them, others she helped pile up by the well house to dry over the winter.

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you live so close to nature, lucky. love esme's top with the blue bodice and cream sleeves, so retro and cute.