Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Language note

This morning as I voted Esme got the sticker that said 'I voted' on her sweater.  She looked at it, looked at the lady who had put it there and said 'Hey, I'm an Esme - this not say Esme.'  She thought it was a name tag and it was wrong!  Ha.  A week ago she told me she liked 'juice with air from tongue'... and she wanted me to know that - she didn't want any, just wanted me to know that some juice gives air on the tongue, like blowing out - she blew out and said air like that.  I asked her if she meant inhale air, and she said no - (exhale) air - like that, just like that, the air the juice gives it.  I told her I didn't know that -- I just could not think of what she might mean.  She said 'You gotta believe me.  It's the truth!  Daddy, it's truth!'  Eventually I figured out with Grandma's help that she meant pop... the carbonation bubbles were 'giving air' on her tongue, carbon dioxide!  I have never heard her say 'believe me' or 'it's the truth' before either...  Another thing I hear often is 'don't check your email Mom...' which is a new combination.  'I'm just a kid', 'I can't type that, but we can do it faster (when we are out of time), you hurt my feelings, you make my brain mad, I'm trying to talk to you! (when we are explaining things she does not want to hear usually).' etc.. I hear also.

She is trying quite a few new words, I still correct her a lot on things like he/she and to/for/from and other little words and grammar.  I just don't think she will completely 'get' that until she is in a group of kids that expect her to say it right and she starts being self-conscious about it.  Esme being self-conscious is a hard thing to think might happen - as in, I really can't see it because she is just so confident about what she thinks and then stubborn abut it if someone doesn't see it her way.  She also just decides it doesn't matter if the person doesn't agree with her sometimes, and changes the subject to something else perhaps they can agree on.

Her reading is pretty good when she tries.  She sounded out the word 'drinks' today and I've seen her sound out other words with a pretty good accuracy.  She can spell quite a few simple words, as well, but likes to pretend she can't unless she is in the right mood.  If she is not into the idea - she would rather run off and play games or change the subject to some tea party or Spongebob cartoon.  I think that will help with peer pressure in school, as well.  It will be March or April before they do her Kindergarten testing.  I am much more confident now than I was last year that she will be able to do things alongside the other kids with the same instructions and be understood when she tries to talk to the teacher.  I am not convinced that she will be 'ready' to do so...  In fact, I am certain her intense energy, unique point of view on everything and stubborness will come back to visit us at that time...

other notes: //  I was impressed by something Esme built in Minecraft.  She made a house with a bed inside, a 'light' glowstone with a switch, a stove and a chest.  Then outside that house she had a 'pool' of water lined with light glowstone around the bottom inside.  She had that wired to a switch so she could turn the 'pool lights' on.  She said it was just like the game with the diamond and stars.  Sims.  She made a 'proper' Sims house in Minecraft.  I nearly facepalmed at that one except it was a very cool idea using the glowstone like that.  I guess it deserves a golfclap instead.

note: /// She has told me she wants two stuffed giraffes for Christmas, for Santa to bring to her, or to have one that is stuffed and moves.  I've found baby wind up lullaby toys that are moving giraffes on Amazon... and not too expensive.  Considering how much she loves the dreamlight and other things to take to her bed with her - it sounds like a good deal.

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