Thursday, February 25, 2010

Choo choo pants and playdough

I caught this little montage of Esme this morning playing with her playdough. I couldn't choose between them.. so put all three together. She is wearing the choo choo pants (Train fabric) she was so insistent about. I love the way her hands move and the intent expression.

Also last night we had a game of balloon baseball going on. Daddy was watching a zombie flick and Esme was very disinterested in it - which was good, in my opinion. She brought me a balloon and kept saying 'ready! ready!' for me to throw it at her, so she could smack it with the fly swatter and say 'I did it!' It was loud but cute. This morning besides using toys to stamp her playdough she and the kitty are having a loud fun time chasing superballs around the house. Esme will carry it in a plastic cup and then let it go - and the cat and her will chase it or she will just tell the cat No No No and then try to get it before the kitty does.

I was going to work on that green dress again last night but it didn't happen... choo choo pants were demanded to be made. She chose the fabric and then when Mark was waiting for the pizza to cook she brought me over to the sewing table and said 'choo choo mama - peeeeez?' She used her 'I'll be sad if we don't' face on me.. so I cut them out and then sewed them after supper. While I sewed she drew with her crayons and kept an eye on the process. She wore them to bed and they were still completely dry this morning (wow) so she gets to wear them today as well.

Laugh moment: Mark and I were visited by the little girl from the exorcist today - at least that is what Esme's voice sounded like when she pointed at the bag on the table and said 'I want a cheeto' loud and monster-like.

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