Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming and Guacamole

We've taken Esme down to the lake swimming twice now - she doesn't like the waterwings at all, but was able to float by herself for a few moments before clinging to us again. About halfway through our last swim the amount of complaining dropped to a minority instead of a majority of the time - which shows improvement. She fell today in the tub and nearly went under the water. That activity means a lot of crying and comforting usually because she gets very scared. However, she just got up, looked around for a second and then grabbed a toy - no scared fit.. I count that as improvement, too.

The other day in a magazine I saw a recipe with avocadoes. I remembered that in college I once ate a whole container of guacamole in a single sitting (yes I did get sick - but for some reason it was compelling). I haven't tried it again since then and wanted to. I bought an avocado after work and it was very good mashed up with tomatoes and lime! I gave Esme a tiny bit of the mashed avocado on a piece of bread and she said it was good - but because it was green she didn't want to touch it without it being on the bread. Silly kid - it's almost as if her Daddy has taught her anything green isn't food :) That is pretty close to his philosophy.

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ElizabethE said...

I am glad you liked the fabric. I am sorry you can't find the inspiration! I bet it will just "hit" you at some point....