Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm still puttering along trying to make something every couple of days. Those sundresses are so easy and so cute. I had felt it was kind of a splurge for the pattern and fabric the other day - but it is definitely more than worth it, especially considering the prices of toddler clothing! I have some asian lettered fabric in white and red, and some red checked gingham cut out ready to make the next sundress and shorts out of.

My job is full time now and that just doesn't leave a whole lot of leisure time. I am the 'plumbing specialist' - the person who helps people plan the look of their remodelling job, helps them find the right fixtures out of the 10s of thousands available for their price, function, color, delivery timeline etc... and then advises them what they need to hook those fixtures up in their current house. It is a lot different than mixing paint, and there is a lot to learn, more people skills needed and a lot of notekeeping, calling companies with questions about products, calling customers back etc etc... The pay is better but you have to meet monthly quotas on several categories. If you meet your quotas you also get bonuses, if you don't meet your quotas for many months in a row --- well that depends on the situation but it usually isn't good... *crosses fingers* I got my bonus for last month, yay!


ElizabethE (from BC boards) said...

Hi Marie --

Are you going to sell those sundresses on your Etsy site?


RheLynn said...

Hi Elizabeth - I wasn't planning to at the moment. The elastic for the shorts is trial-and-error to get it to fit. I might be willing to try to make one for someone else if they could send me their little one's waist measurement.