Saturday, June 27, 2009

Need Inspiration

Elizabeth's trade package arrived today and it is great fabric :) But, I'm uninspired as to what to make today. It figures, I finally get a few days off (and no more for two weeks) and I'm at a loss for what to do.

Esme has been a brat today - really wants to go see Grandma but she is in Memphis. We got a Playmobil toy in the mail today as well - and she loves the little dog figures and opening and shutting the house. But most of the day she has just run around and screamed or gotten into things. She 'helped' me cut a few quilt squares for an ongoing project and ate her lunch well, but then it was all about trying to get the needle on the sewing machine (which was off) and trying to reach my scissors up on the shelf. She knows what comes next and wants to help - and gets mad when she can't.

She also has not taken a nap all day -- which I think she is due for.

Any suggestions for projects? I looked on Etsy some and on other places on the Internet and didn't get any good ideas.

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