Friday, June 12, 2009

pointing out letters, according to plan etc...

Esme takes her moments when she has to point out letters and ask what they are. One of her favorite places to do this is Grandma and Grandpa's tv when CNN is on. She also points out lettering on packaging, although she doesn't always say the right ones for what she is looking at. However, today in the store I wasn't expecting her to be in letter mode when we were looking at a pair of shoes. She was looking up over my head and pointing up saying 'what's that?' The sign said 'kids' above us in big letters. After I read it out to her 'oh that? the sign? k i d s - it says kids' she was happy and started reading the tags on the shoes.

Thursday's comment made me add this : Esme has a perceived 'plan' of how things work - lots of things, from the process of sweeping the floor to Daddy cleaning, filling and lighting his pipe, my process of making coffee etc etc... She loves to tell us what comes next and gets a little upset/frustrated when things don't go 'according to plan' - that is, the plan she has observed and recorded for that activity. So - if we made getting a Sonic shake part of our regular routine, or even once a week on my day off etc etc - she would quickly figure it out and get mad when we 'broke the rules.'

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