Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Local craft stores - and the lack of

I'm pretty upset at the Camden, TN WalMart's craft section. They no longer carry fabric. I couldn't even buy a roll of rick-rack there. Scrapbooking and 'holiday celebrations' have taken over. Very bad. I don't think I have a reason to even go there anymore now.

Paris, TN is closer - and they still have some fabric. The selection is not very good though - mostly flannels and character stuff, very few new items coming and going. Their prices have gone up by 50 cents and a dollar a yard just in the past few months. There are rumors they are going to do away with the fabric too - which is bad news all around.

There is a new fabric store called the Quilting Bee in Camden - with a small selection of designer collections. I don't often see anything I want to buy in there - and it is such a long drive to go take a look. I might have to end up buying fabric entirely online or wait months to go to Jackson, TN. Jackson has a Hancock fabric store as well as a Hobby Lobby. I usually find something I want at one or the other - and it is nice to actually be able to touch the fabric and match it up to something else to coordinate with. Jackson is an hour's drive away from here though - and it isn't somewhere I go often.

This area really needs a better craft store. I'm not the person to open one up right now though.


Carrie K said...

Bummer about the lack of decent fabric stores, RheLynn. We've got nothing (okay, we've got a giant Joanne's but I miss the ones that are gone).

Esme is so cute!! And she's so big. I should probably leave a comment more often but I tend to ooh and aw over your pictures w/o. Sorry!

ElizabethE said...

A ROLL of rick-rack (didn't know how it came). I am ON IT! Tell me something else I can get. :)