Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines

Mark did take the body off the remote control helicopter to get a better look at how things were working inside. The blades hit something yesterday and broke a little -- but it STILL FLIES... wow. It is a durable little toy ;)

Mouse waits to be let out the door...
There are two people here now, won't one of you let me out?
Playing with Mouse both helps how much I miss Willow and Sally and makes me think about them even more... she is a lot like Sally in attitude and like Willow in her colouring.

When I'm stressed or worried, I put a lot of faith in my dreams. Usually, I keep a handwoven dream bag under my pillow, with a few small important objects in it. I'm starting to attempt a new weaving. I feel major life changes are a good time to make a new one. This may or may not be it, but I'll see where it goes. 3 inches across -- from simple materials, no set pattern to it.


Chris said...

I'm glad you have Mouse there!!

Anonymous said...

Mouse is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am doing something similar. I am designing prayer shawls. While creating them I will do a prayer ritual. Each line of stitches will invoke a separate healing prayer.
It is so good to create something, and through that creation make a blessing to be passed on.
Speaking of passing on. I have something special for you....
I am holding off sending it cuz I may be making my road trip to Memphis soon, and if I do I am hoping to meet you for coffee.