Monday, January 29, 2007

Missing my girls yet still counting my lucky stars

Jesse called today - wanting me to forward him some money out of our old account. I asked how the girls are - he said they're 'still adjusting.' :o( That's all he would say.

These are the pictures I keep on my desktop, to open and stare at once in a while... I do miss them -- hoping they are doing okay. It must seem like I died to them :o( However, they are strong girls - and had been home alone the last year for more than eight hours a day, most days - while we worked. *sigh* At least they have each other, and they are safe.

We're refurbishing and reorganizing some computer equipment today. I'm working on some more small weavings to get familiar with the patterns again. I still wake up every day and look at Mark and wonder how in the world we got this lucky and listened to whatever force it was that whispering about what we could be together. I could spend a large part of every day just fascinated by all the details that are weaving together to make this amazing -- yet we are still quite productive and getting lots of other things done ;o)

A set of pictures Mark took of the starband
weaving in progress.

Finished, but it will be a long time
before it comes off the loom.

Making use of the upper warp strings on the same loom as the starband.

(Universe Song)+(Shared Dreams)
Communicating (for/of) the Generations...
January 29 2007 - 4:45pm


Anonymous said...

Hey RheLynn! I got your numbers in my stashbusting contest. Thanks for playing! I had seen you mentioned at Chris's (when she posted the pic of the purple owl dishcloth)... But this is my first visit to your blog. I think we could spend a LOT of time gabbing! I'm happy for you that you're out of a bad relationship. Sad for you about the kitties. Happy for you about Mark and the doggies. I did a fair amount of conscious dream work a while ago... or tried... and the best thing (in terms of learning so much about myself) I did was to ask the thing in my dream that frightened me for a gift. Some pacific island culture's method of teaching their kids to cope with their dream reality, which is as important as the "real" reality. I was able to do this twice, with very interesting results. If you're ever out east, I'd love to visit!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Adjusting.

Aw, cute pictures.

Jennifer said...

Oh, you must miss them so much. (((hugs)))

Chris said...

I hope the girls are ok. I wonder about them!! *hug*

Kelly said...

I would miss them as well! I really like the drawings, really interesting!

Lynn said...

been away a couple of days. getting caught up.
the weaving is nicely shaping up.
i am having a no capitol letter day.

mrspao said...

It's sad you couldn't have taken them with you. They probably miss you just as much as you miss them.