Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moving Boxes

We got a load of moving boxes today - starting to sort out the things to throw away, what stays in storage here in TN and what comes to Minnesota with us. There was a beautiful little long-haired red tabby at the U-Haul store, that loved me up, purring and kneading my knee as we talked to the man about boxes. I was sure the girls would smell her and be upset - but no, they were more interested in the new boxes to hop in. Sally is playing mousie fetch like a mad cap - and Willow cries at me a lot to pick her up (she hates being picked up - she likes sit-down laptime instead usually). I think they sense the nervous energy in the house.

We have a short list of apartments to look at in Minneapolis on our first shot through. If they aren't suitable - then we will continue on to Grand Rapids, MN and stay for a little while until there is a suitable apartment available. 2-cat apartments with a low 'get-in' price are hard to find! There is a great lady helping me by phone and email though, from a relocation service.

It feels like I've lived a year since the 13th of December. Time has 'slown down' because the activity level has skyrocketed, and remained there. My creative streak has not died down one bit. That brings me hope.

I wish I'd had the camera today - as I travelled to the store for some moving supplies, the moon was beautiful, in an eye of blue-green sea over the horizon. It was the full moon - surrounded by the falling twilight - which was turning to darkness, but yet had the detail of the clouds where the light of the moon was not reaching. It made me stare and sigh, and wonder how much I'll notice such things when life slows down again.


Chris said...

I'm sure Sally and Willow sense everything that's going on. Hopefully packing goes smoothly - when are you planning to actually move?!

Lovely description of the moon and the night. I bet you'll keep noticing.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, honey. It will all slow down soon.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure an apartment will find it's way to you soon. Just think of all those nice warm knits you'll get to make in MN. MN is my dream state to live in, well after Wisconsin. Well and third after WAshington, but we'll never get to move there, MN and WI are possibilities at least.

Anonymous said...

Oh my -! I don't check in on you for a few days and I find out you're moving? I wish you all the best! Hopefully it'll all work out beautifully.


mrspao said...

HUG! And lots of hugs to Sally and Willow too.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear you're moving from Tennessee to Minnesota! Now you'll still be far from Vleeptron, but in a different heading!

I wish you the smoothest and easiest move that could possibly be.

Will you be in the Twin Cities? If you find yourself in St Paul, visit the William Marvey Company, a very weird anachronism that (among other things) manufactures the world's rotating barber poles. I went there and bought the barber pole that's now in my bathroom. (That was our pre-nup, she had to let me put my rotating illuminated barber pole in the bathroom.)

Okay sorry to stalk you on your knitting blog but I suspect when things get busy, Geeky Girl goes into hibernation.

My computer's in the hospital so I can't post to my VleeptronZ blog. (Pls pray for my computer to come home quick. I am AUTHENTICALLY bummed out.)

The top post is my wonderful news -- to celebrate Mozart's 250th Birthday we went to NYC and saw a stunning production of The Magic Flute at the Met! If this production travels, SEE IT!!! It's by the woman who put the visually amazing "The Lion King" on the stage, it's just the most magical artistry and puppetry you'll ever see! (The music ain't bad either.)

But the post below that is the famous Travelling Easter Bunny Problem (does this sound familiar?) in which the EB must find the shortest path to deliver Faberge Easter eggs to *13* girls and boys.

I'm sure you can win the pizza! Please give it a whack! (Or leave a vulgar comment.)

Happy 2007! Have a great adventure in Minnesota!


Anonymous said...

my fave Kurosawa flick is "Ikiru" and maybe it's the greatest flick ever made.

BUT ... have you ever seen Jon Voigt, Eric Roberts and Rebecca Demornay in "Runaway Train"? Sounds like a Hollywood piece o crap, but it's a screenplay by Kurosawa! He couldn't get it financed in Japan, so Voight bought it and filmed it in Alaska.

It's GREAT! A real sofa popcorn nailbiter with great acting and a brain!

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Anonymous said...

Okay! You made it thru the ferocious megastorms which May or May Not have been caused by Human industrial activity (depending on your political party)! Congratulations! Welcome to your new home! And Happy New Year!

Here's a Welcome Wagon pizzaQ offer for you!