Friday, December 30, 2005

Pink for Sally

Breakfast with Sally, a colour palette. All about Miss Sally-Mander.

Today's links :
Molly Chicken
Mike Burnett (artist)
neat moving-parts wooden figures
ThinkMule - work of Jeremy Pruitt
I went through a phase in drawing EXTREMELY similar to this 'lion?'... hmm...
Mine was caused by viewing lots of Mayan and Australian Aborigine art...I kinda miss it.

Okay, if you can find the original text of this Prarie Home Companion joke, let me know! I'd love to link it instead. I bored the ears off half of my family this Christmas with this joke, but never failed to get a smile as well. Otherwise, here goes... my own half-remembered, much elaborated upon version.

Ole, my uncle, was a Norwegian bachelor farmer, you know -- the ones with hair growing out of their nose and ears so long you could comb it. No one knew if it was the chicken or the egg, whether they were bachelors because of the nose and ear hair or if they just let it grow after the fact was decided...

Well anyway, Ole was out front of his house, trying to teach his new dog how to fetch. She wasn't listening -- no way was she going to go run down that frisbee for a man with a beard growing out of, not under, his nose.

And then, just as Ole was getting ready to yell at the dog one last time -- a big tornado came down and picked up Ole, his dog, and the whole house and set them back down 50 feet in a gully.

After that, Ole's dog became the best-trained dog you could ever imagine.

She could vaccuum the house, go to the grocery store, the liqour store and the gas station. She would bring back all the food untouched in a paper bag - even the sausage and bacon. Because, you see... she figured, any man who could do that to a house... well, maybe that was someone she would listen to.

Paraphrased badly from a Prarie Home Companion joke of unknown date


Chris said...

Cute! Probably still wouldn't have worked with a cat...

RheLynn said...

;o) Probably not - the cat would have expected anyone who could do that to a house, could *&^#$ well get the frisbee himself ;o) joking, really.