Saturday, December 31, 2005

Calling cats

I actually caught myself saying this the other day ...
'I'm a little mad at my cat, she didn't come when I called.'

Links :
Johnny Yanok (artist) <--whimsical cards
Matt Manley (artist) <--really cool, reminds me of DaVinci choose the English, and then the little duck for some cool games! I like the memory one.
I want to make one of these striped-leg chickens.

We are watching the series Lone Gunmen. Tagline on imdb : Their missions aren't impossible... they just make them look that way. J says King Kong is getting a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So, I guess we are going to see it tonight at 7 pm. Reviews later -- I don't really expect it to have a high plot-content.

I'm half-spoiling it for myself by reading this review at Bob's Film Journal.

I am drinking way too much cocoa and not knitting much. I have to clean for the landlord coming on Monday. :o( Sally no longer enjoys rides to the office. She is convinced that the car we borrowed takes 17 hours to get anywhere, and thus meows constantly while we drive. However, Willow and Sally are both extremely happy to be in the house (a large, non-moving cat carrier with all the amenities).


Chris said...

Mmmmm.... cocoa.

I have a "dog cat" so I expect him to come when he's called. :) We're playing fetch right now.

RheLynn said...

good! I'm not the only one with 'dog' cats ;o) Mine don't know fetch 100% yet. They are more likely to attack each other in-between.

Sally comes to her name, but not Willow's. Willow thinks 'Sally-Mander' is just another name for 'cat' we invented after we got the second one... she comes to both names. :-}