Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cats and Dogs! (dog coat, that is...)

The dog coat has been finished — but I couldn't get a picture! So, here are a couple. The coat is seen 'on-the-dog'... I tied up a pillow using measurements my Mom gave me over the phone. I think it will fit him -- but I remember him fatter! I HOPE it fits. We will be up in Minnesota for ten days starting on the 17th of December. There might be time then to make adjustments or even reknit, if necessary. Of course, "Miss Salamander" had to check it out, and ended up sleeping on the chair next to it later on.

The original photo was out-of-focus. I think this GIMPed version is beautiful. I loved the light angle and the stripes and clouds in Willow's fur really stood out in black-and-white.

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Rhiannon said...

Funny computer editor!! I love the dog coat... Very nice pattern work!!

I understand your chex eating method as well!!


Oh... and how exciting, do you love your knit picks yarn??