Monday, February 25, 2019

bits Apple Banana Cornbread and Ginger Soy Lime Udon bowl

I made apple banana cornbread this morning with an apple and a banana that were both getting a little old...

core and cut up the apple into small bits, layer into a cornbread pan
peel and mash up the banana
mix a box of cornbread mix with 2 eggs and 1/3 cup milk
mix the mashed banana with the cornbread mixture and layer it over the apples in the pan
cook on 400 degrees .. I used a glass pan so it took about 25 minutes, or until a fork comes out clean

And then for dinner I made a ginger soy lime soup to go with my udon noodles

1 small piece of ginger, peeled and sliced fine
about a cup of chicken broth
a decent splash of soy sauce to color the chicken broth
a big squeeze of lime juice
about a teaspoon packed of brown sugar
some rice wine vinegar (a splash)
cook this to a boil while stirring
add seaweed, green onion and tofu flakes (assorted.. had them lying around)
add udon noodles and enough water to the sauce to cover them.. I added a fist sized clump of dried udon
boil again... simmer for a bit... add some black pepper to the entire mix
pour it into a bowl and/or pour up half into a quart jar and eat just a bit with the cornbread above

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