Wednesday, May 09, 2018

pole garden bits

I bought a bleeding heart root on clearance, as well as lilies in four varieties.. one unnamed, one 'Commander in Chief', one 'Centerfold' and one 'Red Dutch'.  I planted the liatris bulbs as well and the assorted daylilies we had bought from Gilbert Wild and Sons.  I hope the daylilies got in the ground in the right time.. I soaked them like I read to in a book, but only once through each, not for an extended period of time.  Then I poured water on the whole garden.  We planted the elephant ears but they had begun to mold.. so I' not sure if they will do what they need to. 

We will need to mulch the lilies if they are to survive the next winter.  They are not buried as deep as they might should have been, as they were already starting to sprout.

I should go out and dig the holes for the rose bush and the viburnum.  But, I have to work late tonight and I don't have that much ambition.  I have tomorrow off.. so I am hoping they will wait one more day.  I might have enough ambition to go and scratch out a few places for basil and catnip and whatnot.

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