Monday, May 14, 2018


Esme is off to picnic day.  I bought her a pair of Bermuda shorts, hopefully they meet the code.  They were the longest non-leggings I could find.  Things are coming up right and left in the garden.  Morning glory seeds I planted just a few days ago are up in one place, but not in others, and zinnia and cosmos seeds are trying, as well.  The borage is still alive.  The  corn and beans have not popped up.. its over due for the corn.  I do have a few cucumbers!

The rose bush bloomed!

 And the  centerfold lily, too :)

I bought a Jarv active track pedometer - the kind you wear on your wrist - and I think I have the weight and stride settings done correctly.. but I know it is not accurate.  Less than 5,000 steps per day is sedentary..and I'm active running across the store, up and down ladders, carrying stuff.. I know our steps in the house are 23 steps.. and it has me at less than 14 after two trips.  So.. its not a loss (I broke the last two within days just USING them.. they failed completely).  It is giving me between 2,800 and 3,100 steps per day over three days.  So, I'm going to use that as a benchmark.  If I get on the higher side of that I'm doing good.  If I'm on the lower side, then I needed to step up a bit.  It'll still be a good five dollar purchase *heh*  I guess I should have thought better of that cheap price, eh?

We are going into town to look at some trees Mark saw on sale.

 Peach trees, and a plum
We caught these on the clearance for about 10 dollars each... when they were 23.00 to  begin with.

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