Thursday, January 12, 2017

glasses, photos and sketch

Mark and Esme (and Spud) posing at the bus stop yesterday.
Very sweet.  Mark has a great smile and Spud is doing his best to pose for the photo, too.

I had just taken these others of Mark and Spud before the bus came.
We had been up there the day before laying out paver bricks to make the school bus stop less muddy.

"Look at the camera, Spud", he said.  'I have no idea what you mean by that.', said the dog.
But then he did pose later ;)

A sketch I'm working on towards a painting later.

I went to get my glasses redone today.  I thought it had only been four or five years, but it had been seven.  I took some time choosing the frames, and think I picked something I will like for more than one reason.  

I also found Esme some miso soup and have read a little in a new book today.

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