Monday, January 30, 2017


I'm continuing to work on the seed stitch scarf/shawl in the Christmas yarn.  And I bought some new yarn in bright neon pink and black for a new scarf for Esme.  I haven't started that, yet... but it might be something I could pack up and bring back and forth to work for me.  Big changes at work... again... *sigh*  Esme was sick today, but seems to have recovered from drenching the kitchen sink in barf this morning (after complaining of a headache and taking a dose of Children's Tylenol, only to lose her cookies immediately afterward)...  Mark said she was bouncey and even wanting to play outside - so he made her do one of her homework projects and sit down and read a book for some of the time.  I've been fighting a sinus infection, too... not sure at all what her issue was but we'll see how tomorrow's wakeup routine goes.  She has class picture tomorrow.

I'm reading the 'Curse of Clan Ross' trilogy that was free on one of my ebook sites.  I really liked the first one - didn't see that neat little bow tied up until just at the end.  And now we see how they'll untie it and tie it again in book 2?

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