Wednesday, January 11, 2017

anniversary and kites

Mark and I had our ten year anniversary yesterday.  We had a nice morning at home.  We both just sit and revel in the idea it has been ten years... we were both in a very bad place that day and it was made better by joining together and saying 'We're gonna do this.'  Ten years later we're all the better for going through everything we've been through together.  And Esme is nine now!  In a few more years she'll be a teenager and then things might get really 'interesting' as they say... Not sure if she'll be more like Mark was as a teen or myself... Time will be the only one to tell.

It was so windy all day yesterday.  When Esme got home from school she wanted to fly kites.  We took her dragonfly kite out and she actually got her up for a while.  I used to fly kites with my dad and have good memories of that.   She claimed she sprained her leg muscle running around.  We really need to get out and get more exercise now that it has started to get warmer again.

I am planning a painting I glimpsed while driving.  Not sure if I can really capture the idea - one of those time / math / shape ideas formed by birds and a tree and a field.  I know what caught me about it but not sure if that is going to come across in the visual work to others.  The colors and the pattern and the presence of the shapes still captures me nearly a week later, though... so this is probably something I need to pursue.

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