Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday writing and more

Our truck made a quick visit home, but then it went back this morning.  One thing was fixed, but  now there is something else wrong.  They're working on that, now.  I'm looking up some additions to Esme's wardrobe, as we kind of threw something together for the pep rally this morning but it turned out pretty good.  It's really hard to find something that fits in specific colors!


I sat down and wrote this sequel to Esme's language journey on Niume.  I'll write one about our homeschooling, too, and about the book that Esme made.

 Public school with expressive language delay
Our Kindergarten experience was great.  We had a lot to get through, but we worked through it because we honestly had a great teacher.  Then, we had a bad  - or at least severely distracted and harried - teacher, and it caused a huge change in Esme and in our lives.   I've said all this on the blog before, but I am putting it on Niume to reach another audience.  I remember how relieved I was to read other stories when I was going through it - to know it would eventually work out.  I want to make sure anyone else going through the same thing can see that yes, it's hard, but it IS possible.

A Yearly mediation
An article about my yearly birthday ritual of meeting the sun, and reflecting on the moment. 

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