Tuesday, October 25, 2016


So, you put together a mermaid, a werewolf, a clairvoyant, an immortal, a magician and a time-traveller... and what do you get?  You get me, reading a Nora Roberts romance book.  I'm in the second book of the Guardians Trilogy.  The premise - these six fighting the Goddess of Evil for control/protection of ancient secrets that could destroy the world... was enough to get me to read the first one.  Plus, I like that the clairvoyant is an artist who draws/paints her visions.  This second book, 'Bay of Sighs' has started out mostly from the point of view of the mermaid.

In other news some animal in my house ( I suspect) brought me a frog this morning.  I put one foot down on my bedroom rug and a small grimy gritty green tree frog hopped out and sped across the floor.  I quickly caught him.  After that, I went downstairs and rinsed him in the kitchen sink and put him out the door.  Quite a bit of excitement for that early.

Esme had her school program today.  We need to get her some Halloween candy tomorrow at the store.  And she has to finish her costume.

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