Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday lizard day


8:00a - discussion about nose hair, ear hair, tastebuds
       skip counting by 2 and 3 to 30, by 5 to 100
        tossing a ball into moving buckets, dime toss

Daddy stopped by the school and brought home her Scholastic book order.
It included a small color changing lizard that then continued to accompany us throughout the day.

9:00 -  reading Werewolf Watch #31 Scooby Doo, shapes worksheet
      talk about contractions from books, word match sheet
        asked how a holographic image works 
9.30a    - break

10.20a    - crossword puzzle, math worksheets

11.20a    - break

12.50p    - reading aloud; "Reptiles and Apmphibians" book (Scholastic order book)
1.15p    - Clocks worksheet
1.30p    - PE (Walking / running laps around lake)
2.30p    - done

Got home tonight and she is building a 'lizard house' that turned into a 'Feelings Machine' out of K'nex.

Research : I'm reading Focus on the Family's homeschooling book - sent to me by Aunt Dot.

I also realized that many of the books that show up on the Charlotte Mason homeschooling book lists are books we already have - Children's Garden of Verses and the Oxford Book of American Verse ended up in our laps from the flea market and library this year.. Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter, Sinbad, Grimm's, etc etc...

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